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Final Inspection Requirements

December 29th, 2023 | 2 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

building final inspection graphic

Final inspections are a series of pivotal inspections to ensure structural safety and compliance to the Florida Building Code. New residential homes and renovations must pass the final inspections for the jurisdiction to deem the home livable and functional. These inspections are conducted by licensed inspectors who follow the City of Jacksonville codes and guidelines. 


IMG_0476Inspectors will view the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical elements of the home and will also evaluate the structure, and ensure the doors and windows are operable, and the HVAC system is functional. Many other components are inspected due to each county follows a different set of codes and guidelines that ultimately follow the Florida Building Code. 

At Legacy Engineering, our inspection department has compiled a full list of guidelines to follow when performing finals. The following guidelines are general guideline statements to ensure that your home passes all required inspections.


Note that these guidelines are for a residential home located in the City of Jacksonville jurisdiction in Duval County. 

  • Verify blower door results 
  • Plumbing fixtures are set 
  • Address is posted on the house 
  • Structure evaluation 
  • Trees are in place 
  • Approved garage door and garage is properly sealed 
  • Fireplace meets clearance requirements 
  • All locks installed on exterior doors 
  • Continuous handrail on the stairs 
  • Safety glass in hazardous locations 
  • Bathrooms meet plan requirements 
  • Energy calculations if applicable 
  • Ceiling fans installed 
  • Rodent proofing 
  • Exterior finishes are waterproofed 
  • Ventilation for roof systems 
  • Correct attic size
  • Window protection 
  • Crawl space access

* Each county’s requirements may vary and there are additional requirements. Please consult your inspector for a full list of guidelines. 


Legacy Engineering for your Final Inspections 

As a private provider, we offer flexible inspection billing where you have the opportunity to save not only time but money when scheduling your finals. Oftentimes, residential builders will schedule separate finals for trade and building inspections but at Legacy, both can be completed in one trip instead of two. Rather than pay up to $400 on two separate trips, our inspectors can perform the trade and building final in one trip, bringing that price down to $200.  

We prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness in our final inspection process. With our flexible billing options, you can save both time and money by consolidating trade and building inspections into one trip. Instead of paying for two separate visits, our experienced and licensed inspectors can complete both inspections in a single trip, reducing your costs from potentially up to $400 to just $200. This streamlined approach not only saves you money but also ensures that your project progresses smoothly and meets all requirements. Contact our PPI department today to schedule your inspections and experience the convenience of our comprehensive inspection services.

Click here to email our PPI department directly to schedule your inspections to be completed by one of our experienced and licensed inspectors! For further information about our private provider inspection services, please visit our PPI Service page. Within the page, you can find our serviced areas, exact pricing per county, and additional information. To view related blog content, click here and be redirected to our PPI department-tagged blogs. Related content includes how to fill out required documents, inspections we offer, and further qualifications of our department.

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