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Single-Family Home Builders

Streamlining your Single-Family Home Development with Legacy Engineering

Receive reliable and accurate materials testing,  private provider inspections, plan review, and geotechnical engineering for your single-family homebuilding projects

How can Legacy ensure Florida Building Code adherence to your homes?

Utilizing our various services will ensure that your project meets deadlines and adheres to the Florida Building Code!

Improved Homebuilding Experience

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Avoid Testing Delays

Scheduling your test has never been simpler than with our team. We will ensure that your tests are done on time, without delay.

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Steer Clear of Compliance Delays

Our team across the board is fully licensed in their expertise so you can pass your inspections and submit for your permits on time. 

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Prevent Foundation Problems

Our experienced geotechnical engineers and technicians will explore your site, test your materials, and characterize your site to avoid potential foundation concerns.

Single-Family Home Builders

Trusted by Over 100 Companies Worldwide

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Our Single-Family Home Building Involvement

From drilling to inspections and all of the services in between, our team will provide specialized expertise for any home project


Are You Ready To Move Foward?

We have maintained a long-standing history in the construction and engineering of single-family homebuilders through our dependable service! 

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