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Multi-Family Home Builders

Elevate your Multi-Family Development with Legacy Engineering

Receive reliable and accurate materials testing, plan review, private provider inspections, and geotechnical engineering for your multi-family communities.

How We Work For You

It is our mission to create a smooth and organized process for your homebuilding needs!


Valuable Inspection Services

Roofing, insulation, and framing are necessary for a functional and livable home. Ensure that your home is adhering to local building codes


Precise Plan Review

Before construction can begin and permits are issued, we will look at your site plans and provide recommendations to ensure there are no hiccups in the process


Quality Control of Materials

Utilize our testing services to find out if your materials are sustainable and of expected building quality

Trusted Multi-Family Home Building Partners

With extensive and repeat partnership with the following, Legacy has maintained a strong relationship with several homebuilding clients throughout the northeast Florida region!

Avoid Potential Construction Issues

We understand that the process can be stressful. Avoid the following building issues with our dependable services and team!

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Insufficient Utility Installation

With our thorough final inspections, our inspectors will ensure that your doors and windows are installed according to local building codes and are fully functional

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Faulty Foundation

Test your soils and concrete so you have full confidence that your homes are built on a strong foundation

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Improperly Sealed Roof

With our virtual and in-person roofing inspections, inspectors will evaluate the roofing installation and sealing

Multi-Family Home Builders

Are You Ready To Move Foward?

We have maintained a strong relationship with many clients across the northeast Florida region and strive to provide perfect services to each.

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