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Construction Materials Testing

Testing your construction site materials is crucial to determine factors like strength, durability, composition, and compliance with building codes. These tests mitigate risks and ensure long-term durability. They are essential for certifying the quality and safety of your construction projects.

Materials Testing Services at Legacy Engineering

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What is Materials Testing?

Materials testing is the examination and evaluation of various construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, steel, welding, and more. This testing process is to ensure that your materials are of expected building quality and will help you make informed decisions for material selection and design. 


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What materials do you need to be tested?

Whether it's in the field or the lab, we are here to perform the tests you need. Featured are key terms to be familiar with and in-demand tests that our technicians can perform. 

No matter the project size or type, we can handle it. 

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A proctor is a sample of material collected at the site and is brought to our lab and evaluated through various testing methods. Results for density and compaction tests are invalid unless a proctor is collected.

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Blower Door

A specialized fan is placed in the front door of a residential home, measuring the air pressure and airflow. Identifying leaks will uncover flaws in door installation and recommendations are provided. 

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A concrete sample is taken from your site and returned to our lab where our laboratory technicians perform a standard compaction test. Results provide valuable information about the material's load-bearing capacity and its overall quality

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Density testing assesses the compactness of soil, asphalt, or concrete. Ensure that your materials are complying with plan specifications and will support the intended structure

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