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Does Florida Require a Notice of Commencement Document?

December 8th, 2023 | 2 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

graphic of a notice of commencement

A Notice of Commencement (NOC) is a document that states changes or improvements to an existing building. A NOC is required and issued from the county in which your project resides. This document must be provided from the county where your site is and is critical for plan review and inspections. Without the proper fields filled out or a valid permit, inspections cannot be scheduled therefore construction cannot begin. 


How do I fill out a NOC?


A Notice of Commencement (NOC) is a crucial document in the construction process, especially when it comes to changes or improvements to existing buildings. Issued by the county where the project is located, the NOC serves as a prerequisite for plan review and inspections. Without a properly filled-out NOC and a valid permit, scheduling inspections becomes impossible, effectively halting the construction process.

To ensure compliance and facilitate the process, it's essential to understand how to correctly fill out a NOC. While specific requirements may vary depending on the county, a typical NOC contains several key fields that must be completed accurately. Let's take a closer look at these fields using a sample St. Johns County NOC as a reference.

It's crucial to stay informed about the specific requirements of your county and ensure that all necessary documentation, including the NOC, is completed accurately and in a timely manner to avoid delays in your construction project. 

Below is a sample St Johns County NOC that clarifies what fields to fill out and the details of each. Please refer to this document to guide you through the correct areas to fill out as incomplete documents will not be valid. 

Keep in mind that each county has its own variation of the document. Please contact your residing county for the proper version. 

nocareas4Permit No.- After your permit is issued, you will receive an active permit number that must be placed here. 

Tax Folio No.- Tax folio number and parcel ID number are synonymous 

Owner information- name, owner’s address, legal description of the property, property address, and general description of the property


nocareas3Contractor information-  name, phone number, and address

Surety’s name- Required for your commercial project. A surety is the name of your mortgage company, if applicable. 

Surety’s amount of bond, address, and phone number- Fill in if having a Surety applies to your project 

Lender’s name, address, and phone number- Applicable if your residential project has a mortgage lender


Signature of owner- The owner of the property must sign and print their name below

Notary section- Licensed notary must fill out the marked areas and provide a notarized stamp 

When do I need a NOC? 

An NOC is needed for the plan review and inspection process. Regardless if you are getting your plans reviewed by a private provider or by the county, an NOC must be filled out by the owner of the project and notarized. While the county and private provider both provide the NOC, a private provider will assist in filling out the document and will ensure that it is completed accurately. 


After it is completed and notarized, it is submitted to whomever is scheduling your inspections. Inspections cannot be scheduled, performed, or completed without a valid NOC document. 

Knowing when you need to submit an NOC is equally important. Whether your plans are being reviewed by a private provider or the county, the NOC must be completed and notarized by the owner of the project. While both entities can provide the NOC, a private provider can assist in accurately filling out the document. Once completed and notarized, the NOC is submitted to the party responsible for scheduling inspections. Without a valid NOC, inspections cannot proceed, emphasizing the document's critical role in the construction process.

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