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Valuation Report: Do I need it? How do I write it?

October 6th, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

Valuation Report

Determining whether you need a valuation report for your construction project in Jacksonville is straightforward: Yes, it’s required. The City of Jacksonville mandates a valuation report as part of the building permit application process. This report is essential to validate the total job cost you’ve listed on your permit application.

Total Cost MEP Work

Valuation reports are aimed at providing a comprehensive assessment of property values, aiding in fair taxation, and ensuring accurate distribution of resources. When applying for a building permit, the City of Jacksonville requires the total “job cost”. As a verification method, there must be a valuation report to further justify the total job cost amount. 


  • Click this link (It will open in another tab.)
  • Search your project address 
  • Click the RE# to access property details 
  • Scroll down until you see “Buildings”
  • Ensure that you are viewing the correct building for an accurate value, if there are multiple buildings located at one address
  • Keep in mind that the cost listed in the valuation and on the application must not exceed 50% or more of the highlighted building value


  • Refer to the image on the right to see an example of a completed report.
  • The total cost listed on your valuation must match the cost listed on thesamplevaluation-1 permit application and cannot exceed 50% or more of the total value of the building per the property appraiser.
  • The total cost exceeding 50% or more will trigger a civil review and the process will take longer than expected.
  • Include the project name and address on the valuation document. 
  • Contractor names must be printed and they must sign as well.
  • Only work requiring a permit needs to be listed. Work such as painting is not relevant to job cost on the valuation or application.

Legacy Engineering