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What is the New COJ Permitting System?

November 10th, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

graphic of jax epics

There are exciting upcoming improvements to the current City of Jacksonville permitting system!  

The permit submission process through the current portal can be time-consuming as the software is becoming increasingly outdated. As browsers have grown over the years, the existing COJ site has been limited to its capabilities.

With the new site, JAXEPICS, will be user-friendly, expedite permit services, and have a higher level of information accessibility. Improvements will save you and your company time when submitting permits and ensure there are no hiccups during the process. 

What are the new COJ site capabilities?  

 In JAXEPICS there will be several updates designed for a streamlined permitting and inspection process. The following list is just a few notable updates. Scroll further down to view a video presentation that highlights all features.   

  1. Data conversion; all of the data from the previous site will be converted into JAXEPICS and will be easily accessible.  
  2. With an improved user interface; companies and contacts are now openly available to view in a one-stop-shop contact tab.  
  3. Live updates; approving payments and permits in real time 
  4. Notifications throughout your permitting process of missing documents; tabs will appear with a blue number if there are missing documents or information  
  5. Fully editable company dashboard; add or remove member access, view company contacts 

When and how can I access JAXEPICS?  

Soft-go launch: November, 10th & 11th, 2023 

Hard-go launch: December 12th-15th, 2023 

JAXEPICS will be soft launched beginning 11/10/2023 and 11/11/2023. Once you log into the current COJ site, there will be a pop-up to redirect you to JAXEPICS. Before the hard launch on 12/15/2023, companies are recommended to register and verify their company. Additionally, companies should submit permits to test the site for possible data complications or disruptions.  

Is there a JAXEPICS demo?  


Along with NEFBA, Legacy Engineering sponsored a presentation event of a demonstration of JAXEPICS. We, at Legacy, highly encourage you to click below and watch the demonstration before the hard go launch. Preparing for the site switch will create an easy transition for you and your company regarding future permit submission.  

Within the video, you will notice chapters for your convenience. These chapters separate topics discussed throughout the presentation and at the end, there were questions asked from various companies about the site details.  

Legacy Engineering