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What is the Value of Private Provider Inspections?

November 22nd, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Savannah Doctor

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Choosing to use a private provider to administer and perform your building inspections is beneficial to keep your project on schedule. Private provider inspectors bring years of specialized expertise that will guarantee careful observations during inspections. We at Legacy Engineering hold our inspectors to the highest of standards so you can Build Better.


What is the value of private provider inspections? 

Opting into the private provider route will ensure that your inspections are completed by quality inspectors and the billing process runs efficiently. From highly experienced inspectors to flexible billing, Legacy will be your trusted partner for efficient inspections!

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  • Specialized inspectors 
    • Legacy Inspectors are fully licensed for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections. Specialized services we offer are virtual roofing and threshold inspections.
  • Timely inspection services 
  • Consistent inspector per project 
    • Our scheduling team will ensure that one inspector is assigned to all of your inspections to build familiarity with your site and inspection progress.
  • Per-trip billing
    • Instead of per-inspection, private providers have the freedom to bill as they deem appropriate. At Legacy, our billing occurs after an inspector has made the trip to your site, no matter how many inspections are performed. 
  • Multiple inspections in one trip
    • As mentioned above, inspectors can perform as many inspections as needed in one trip to avoid additional charges. 
  • Accountability
    • Our inspectors will communicate with you directly if there are any questions or concerns regarding your project. With decades of combined experience, our inspectors will be well-versed in any inspection that your project needs.
  • Local knowledge 
    • As a northeast Florida private provider, our inspectors have been working with and complying with the Florida building code for the entirety of their careers. Understanding the code and following regulations is key to maintaining their unbiased inspection performance. 

How will I value from using a private provider for inspections?


IMG_5514-1-1Flexibility in scheduling and billing will ensure that your inspections are handled when you need them and how you need them. Along with acquiring expert knowledge of the area and project, private provider inspections will offer unbiased evaluations to confirm your project’s adherence to the Florida building code.

Commitment to building and maintaining customer relationships is a priority, therefore one inspector will be assigned to all your inspections for continuous familiarity. With their accountability, local knowledge, and dedication to your project, private provider inspectors strive to offer the utmost reliable services possible. 

Savannah Doctor

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