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Private Building Inspections: Why go with a private provider?

November 22nd, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

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Opting for a private provider like Legacy Engineering to conduct your building inspections is a strategic decision that promises to keep your construction project on track. Our commitment at Legacy is to offer you more than just standard inspections; we provide a partnership that enhances the quality, efficiency, and progression of your project.

What is the value of private provider inspections?

Our team at Legacy Engineering consists of fully licensed inspectors specializing in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections. We take pride in offering specialized services, including virtual roofing and threshold inspections, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your project’s needs.

Timely Inspection Services
Understanding the importance of timely project completion, we offer flexible scheduling for all inspections. Our approach is tailored to ensure your project stays on schedule, recognizing the critical nature of prerequisite inspections.

Consistent Inspector per Project
To enhance the continuity and understanding of your project, our scheduling team assigns one inspector to oversee all your inspections. This consistency builds familiarity with your site and ensures a thorough understanding of your project’s progress.

Efficient Billing Process
Legacy Engineering employs a per-trip billing approach, as opposed to per-inspection billing. This means our billing occurs only after an inspector’s visit to your site, regardless of the number of inspections conducted during the trip, ensuring a more cost-effective and streamlined process.

Multiple Inspections in One Trip
In line with our efficient billing method, our inspectors are equipped to perform multiple inspections in a single visit. This approach not only reduces additional charges but also accelerates the inspection process.

Accountability and Direct Communication
Our inspectors maintain direct communication with you, addressing any queries or concerns promptly. With years of experience, they are well-versed in various aspects of inspections, offering reliable and knowledgeable service.

Local Knowledge and Adherence to Codes
Being a Northeast Florida private provider, our inspectors possess extensive experience with the Florida Building Code. Their deep understanding of local regulations ensures unbiased and accurate inspection results.

Commitment to Building Better
Choosing Legacy Engineering means partnering with a team that is devoted to making every structure not just compliant but exemplary. Our focus on flexibility in scheduling and billing, coupled with our inspectors' expert knowledge and commitment to customer relationships, guarantees that your project receives the attention and proficiency it needs.

Legacy Engineering isn’t just about conducting inspections; it’s about building a legacy of quality, safety, and excellence in every project we touch. Let us be your trusted partner in building better.

Legacy Engineering