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What is a Threshold Inspection?

October 23rd, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Savannah Doctor

threshold inspection graphic

A threshold inspection is a sequence of inspections during the construction of a threshold building. A threshold building, according to Section 553.71(7), is a building greater than three stories; 50 feet in height, or a 5,000-square-foot building with an expected occupancy greater than 500. Performing the inspections is to confirm the design meets Florida building codes. 

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Not only are they required but they are extremely important. If the building’s height and size is aligned with the previously mentioned regulations, it is required to schedule your inspections. A threshold building inspector will perform the necessary inspections to ensure its compliance with today’s Florida building code.

Although the inspections are non-negotiable, buildings would not withstand the weather conditions that come with hurricane season or be able to maintain their structure. 

At Legacy, our inspectors have earned their threshold inspection license and are reliable for the series of inspections that are required for threshold buildings. Our inspectors have years of structural and architectural building experience, and structural inspections, and will ensure your threshold building contains the necessary structural components. 


Unlike standard private inspections, threshold inspections are billed hourly. There will be a minimum amount of hours charged but it is subjective to scope of work and by contract.

Are you ready to schedule? If you are looking for threshold inspections for your building, please click the button below to email our private provider inspection department directly. Our inspectors are fully licensed to inspect your threshold building and help you adhere to Florida building codes!

Savannah Doctor

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