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Abrasion Testing: How does work? How can I schedule?

January 26th, 2024 | 2 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

L.A. abrasion testing in northeast florida

One essential tool in evaluating the resilience of mineral aggregates is the Los Angeles (L.A.) Abrasion Test. Developed in the early 1900s, this test plays a pivotal role in determining how mineral aggregates react to impact and allows engineers to assess their ability to withstand potential weathering and ensure their durability over time – a key factor in ensuring the longevity of roads, bridges, and buildings.


We atLegacy Engineering utilize this procedure as a definitive benchmark for quality. The L.A. Abrasion Test is meticulously designed to replicate real-world abrasive conditions, providing us with an in-depth analysis of the material's durability. This test is more than just an evaluation – it’s a peek into the future of how these aggregates will hold up under constant environmental pressures such as traffic and weathering.

The primary aim of the L.A. Abrasion Test is to gauge the long-term viability of these aggregates. By exposing them to controlled abrasive forces, we simulate years of wear and environmental impact in a controlled setting. This results in invaluable data that guides our decisions in selecting the most appropriate materials for each project, ensuring not only compliance with quality standards but also the safety and longevity of our constructions.

Our approach to this test involves placing aggregate samples in a rotating drum with steel spheres. These spheres act as agents of abrasion, mimicking the continual stress materials face in real-life scenarios. After a predetermined number of drum rotations, we measure the amount of material worn away by sieving and weighing the finer particles produced. This loss is a direct measure of the aggregate's ability to resist wear and tear, with less material loss indicating higher quality and robustness. 

At Legacy Engineering, the L.A. Abrasion Test is an integral part of our thorough material evaluation process. By accurately assessing the wear and tear resistance of mineral aggregates, we can predict how these materials will perform under the stresses of everyday use and environmental factors. This foresight is invaluable in our industry, where the longevity and safety of a structure hinge on the quality of its building materials.

Furthermore, our utilization of the L.A. Abrasion Test reflects our holistic approach to engineering. We don’t merely look at the structural integrity of a project; we consider its lifespan, its impact on the environment, and its ability to withstand the elements over time. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond the physical construction; it encompasses the choice of materials, the methodologies we employ, and our commitment to sustainable and resilient building practices.

Through the implementation of the L.A. Abrasion Test, Legacy Engineering ensures that our projects are not only aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior but also structurally sound. This dedication to quality in every facet of our work cements our reputation as a leader in the engineering field, trusted by clients and respected by peers. It’s this unwavering dedication to quality and excellence that sets our projects apart.

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