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What is Floor Flatness Testing?

December 8th, 2023 | 2 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

graphic for floor flatness testing

Floor flatness testing is a basic test that confirms the flatness of your concrete floor slab. Testing the flatness is crucial to ensuring the quality and usability of concrete floors in construction projects. Evaluating the evenness of your floors will ensure that your large commercial building project has a flat surface for transporting and storing goods. 

Do I need a floor flatness test?

A wide range of industries require high-quality flat floor surfaces. 

  • Hospitals
  • Grocery stores 
  • Warehouses 
  • Large Commercial Buildings

The above projects must pass floor flatness testing for smooth forklift, gurney, and shopping cart operations. Additionally, goods that are being stored in a warehouse such as chemicals, food, or equipment, must be stored on a level ground. Level ground will eliminate the potential safety risks of falling machinery or expensive products. 

Floor flatness testing is an essential procedure that ensures the quality and usability of concrete floors in various construction projects. Whether it's a hospital, grocery store, warehouse, or large commercial building, having a flat floor surface is imperative for smooth operations and safety compliance.

In hospitals, where gurneys and medical equipment are constantly moved, a flat floor surface is essential to prevent accidents and ensure efficient transportation of patients. Similarly, in grocery stores, where shopping carts are used extensively, a flat floor surface enhances customer experience and minimizes the risk of accidents caused by uneven flooring.

Warehouses, on the other hand, require flat floor surfaces to facilitate the safe storage and movement of goods. Whether it's chemicals, food items, or heavy equipment, storing these items on uneven ground poses significant safety risks and can lead to costly damage or accidents.

Legacy Engineering's team of experienced technicians specializes in conducting floor flatness testing using state-of-the-art equipment. By utilizing the dipstick method, our technicians gather precise measurements across the floor surface, ensuring comprehensive data collection for accurate results.

The collected data is analyzed using advanced software, which generates detailed graphs and calculations based on the specified total square footage. These results are then compared against industry standards set by organizations such as the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ensuring compliance with established guidelines.

Our technicians meticulously inspect multiple areas of the flooring to provide thorough feedback and determine whether the floors meet the required standards. If any deviations or irregularities are identified, our team offers recommendations for improvements to ensure that the floors are safe and functional for their intended use.

Legacy Engineering’s experienced technicians will perform floor flatness testing with updated equipment promptly so your project can stay on track. While walking on your floor, a technician will use the dipstick method to calculate floor measurements to gather sufficient data to give you feedback and results.

On the dipstick screen, a graph is displayed for our technician to view the data collected from the walk and results are calculated once the specified total square footage has been walked. 


Testing and results adhere to the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Click the provided links and view the official guidelines or download a copy. Testing only requires one technician and per the ASTM specifics, they will test multiple areas of your flooring to gather enough data for accurate results. Results and feedback from our technicians will decide whether the floors are approved or the unevenness is too severe and improvements must be made. 


Scheduling with Legacy Engineering has never been easier.  Simply click the provided button to email our team and schedule your test today. With our expertise and dedication to quality, you can trust Legacy Engineering to deliver reliable floor flatness testing services to keep your project on track. Click the button above to email our team. 

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