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Do I Need a Fireproofing Inspection?

December 1st, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Savannah Doctor


Fireproofing inspections for commercial buildings is reassurance that your fireproofing material meets the designated specifications (spec) on your plans. These inspections ensure that structural elements are fire-resistant and will remain vertical in the chance of an unpredictable fire. Passing these inspections is crucial for the safety of your building and failure to pass a fireproofing inspection can lead to costly project delays or repairs. 

Do I need a fireproofing inspection?

When beginning a commercial project, your plans are assessed by a superintendent, and depending on the building size and purpose, fireproofing plans will be explicitly stated. Buildings that are intended to host a significant number of people are expected to include fireproofing plans, typically designated by the architect. The required measurement of the thickness, density, and adhesion of your material is based on the specs in your fireproofing plans. 

Be mindful to identify the material of your proofing materials as specs vary per material and job. Each project is different and depending on the size of your commercial building, the passing and failing spec of your fireproofing inspection will be determined. The inspections include testing one location per structural element that is fireproofed such as columns, beams, and roof decking. One set of tests must be performed per bay per floor or every 10,000 sq feet, depending on which method results in the most tests. 

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Per the spec, the columns, beams, and decking must be fireproofed to meet the passing requirements. After tests are performed, a full report of the thickness and density results will be compiled. Failure to reach the necessary thickness and density will require you to add more proofing materials and retest the material. Delays in retesting can lead to various unwanted interior delays. 

Does Legacy Engineering do fireproofing inspections?

Yes. Our construction materials testing department guarantees that your inspections are completed with accuracy by following the American Society for Materials Testing (ASTM) fireproofing guidelines. Sections 8.1.3 and 8.2.1 clearly state the standard protocol for tests during the inspection and are strictly followed while inspecting. 

Why does my fireproofing inspection need to pass?


If your plans include explicit fireproofing plans, these inspections cannot be overlooked! Protecting your structural elements is a simple assurance that your building can withstand unpredictable circumstances such as a fire. Through various and meticulous inspections, Legacy will ensure that your building is not vulnerable to hazardous fires therefore preventing damages and costly repairs. 

Unfortunately, fires can be sudden and can spread rapidly. Taking the necessary fireproofing precautions can not only save your building’s structure but also save lives. 

Savannah Doctor

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