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What is the Significance of a Geotechnical Report?

August 30th, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

Legacy Engineering

You have a project that you are excited to start. To explore your site’s subsurface conditions before building, it is important that you contact us for a Geotechnical Report on your site! 

No matter what type of construction project you are planning for, whether a residential home, multi-family neighborhood, or large commercial property, a report of geotechnical exploration should be completed to provide site results and recommendations.



Prior to the report being written, our drilling company is mobilized to your site. Once soil samples are returned, they are classified and processed in our laboratory. Results are then analyzed by our geotechnical engineers and a report is compiled. You may utilize the results in designing your project.


  • If you would like to speak with our team, call our office at 904-721-1100. Clarify that you’re seeking our engineering department.
  • While calling our office is available, you may also email our department directly at
  • Lastly, to expedite the entire process, there is a form provided below.

If you choose to submit the form, please be sure to attach a basic site plan and photos. Site plans assist our engineers with boring locations.

Be mindful to include a reliable client contact and fill out all required sections of the form. This form is critical for our engineers to assess the site accurately.




Once we receive your information, we will be ready to prepare a proposal that includes an estimate and timeline. If further information is needed, the engineering department will contact you via the contact information provided. We will do our best to send you a proposal in the next two business days.

Legacy Engineering