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Can You Access My Site for Drilling?

September 22nd, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Legacy Engineering

Site Access

Are you in need of a geotechnical report and are wondering if we can access your site?  

Drilling is a key step in exploring and characterizing the subsurface conditions at your site. We have drill rigs mounted on carriers that are adaptable to a variety of site conditions.  The surface conditions at your site must allow for our drill rig to access the boring locations and complete the drilling process as quickly and efficiently as possible.   


We request that you alert us if your site is wooded with excess underbrush, is wet, or is open and easily accessed. Providing us with current photos and plans will assist us with determining the current site conditions and selecting the most efficient drill rig for your site. If site photos are not available, we may visit your site to assess the conditions firsthand. 

Once the drilling is complete, the soil samples are returned to our lab and examined by our geotechnical engineers. The engineer may assign laboratory tests and develop boring logs. We will then generate your geotechnical engineering report. 


When requesting our drilling services, please alert us of your current site conditions. In the proposal, there will be a written Site Clearing section that quotes how much our optional clearing services cost.

If you prefer to clear it yourself, please make sure the boring locations are accessible prior to our mobilization and avoid possible delays. 


You need a geotechnical report, and you need your site drilled. Please be sure to have site photos and/or plans available to ensure a smooth drilling process.

We will be your trusted partner in guaranteeing that your geotechnical report is as accurate as possible and that you receive it in a timely manner.

If you have yet to request a report and would like to expedite the scheduling process, please visit this link and fill out the form. Our estimating team will reach out within the next two business days! 

Legacy Engineering