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Do I Need a Blower Door Test?

September 28th, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Savannah Doctor

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When building homes in Northeast Florida, the climate can pose challenges to energy efficiency and indoor comfort. With the hot summers and not-so-cold winters, it is crucial that homes are well-insulated to guarantee comfortable conditions inside your home. Blower door tests identify leakage to help homebuilders enhance the home’s energy efficiency, thus helping homeowners reduce their utility bills and environmental impact.

Blower doors play a vital role in weather-resilient, efficient, and overall comfortable living spaces. 


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A blower door test is a diagnostic tool used to assess the airtightness in a home. By measuring the airflow, the test quantifies a home’s air leakage rate. To break it down, a fan sucks air out of the house and the airflow coming in is measured to then calculate the leakage value. The results reveal areas of cool air loss, drafts, and potential energy waste. Click to the right, to view a sample test report. 



Yes! Beginning in 2017, the 7th Edition Residential Florida Energy Code states that every home must pass the test. Most homes are required to be 7 ACH or below. A score of 7 ACH means that there are less than or equal to 7 air changes per hour. If your home is beyond the limit, the home’s insulation must be reconfigured and the seal must be improved. Especially in Florida, improving your home’s seal is critical to remain safe from hurricane season.

With those heavy rain months, insulation could save your home from indoor flooding! 


Please contact our Energy Rating Manager, Devin Bremer, who can be reached at or (904)-322-0048. 

Blower door tests are not only required in the state of Florida but pose serious value to homeowners and contractors to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality while reducing excess energy use! 

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