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Construction Materials Testing

Tests On Time

How about one less thing to worry about? Get all your tests done correctly and responsively so you can stay focused.

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You Know What You’re Getting

Our laboratory is inspected by the Construction Materials Engineering Council (CMEC) and approved by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to perform all your construction testing and quality control testing needs, in one place.

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Increase Confidence

You'll work with knowledgeable professional engineers and qualified technicians that ensure the materials you are using are correct. 

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Increase Efficiency

All your testing is done in one place with a simplified and consistent process with online reporting and closeout packages.

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Fewer Delays

Saving you from potential delays in project timeline from working with different labs, testing and results processes. 

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Are My Tests Done?

Yes, the common question. We are constantly updating our technicians' schedule throughout the day to get your test done on time. Have a question?

Reach out to our 24 hour dispatching line.

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Common Questions & Answers

You have questions, we have answers!

I need a density test. How can I get that set up?

How long does a Proctor take?

How fast can you get to my job?

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