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Engineering, Testing & Inspections

Your Trusted Partner in Building Better

At Legacy Engineering, we tackle the construction industry's toughest challenges with unmatched expertise and professionalism. Our commitment to quality and efficiency ensures your project is fully compliant and stays ahead of schedule. 

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Your Trusted Partner

Why Choose Legacy Engineering?

Let's Be Honest

Are Your Engineering Needs Costing You Time & Money?

What does a Trusted Partner in Engineering mean to your day-to-day operation? Have you experienced any of these issues often?

Legacy Engineering - Save Money

You Can't Get Someone On The Phone

High office and coordinator personnel turnover lead to a frustrating customer service experience that leaves your call unanswered.  

Legacy Engineering - Save Time

You're Missing Deadlines

You've got projects lined up. Reschedules and county delays cost you time, money, and headaches. 

Legacy Engineering -Jacksonville, FL

You're Left Feeling Uncertain

Poor communication leads to low quality and an experience that doesn’t meet your expectations, leaving you wondering if you made the right decision.

What Success Looks Like

Here's What Building Better Looks Like

We can't guarantee perfection. But we can put things in place to optimize our performance to meet your expectations better. Our dedication to improvement will leave you feeling like you made the right choice. 

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Remove Your Uncertainty

Our attention to proper communication increases quality and leaves you well-informed and lowering the odds of unnecessary issues.

Checkmark - Better Buildings

Increase Your Productivity

You'll need less superintendent time needed to wait on us so they can be more productive or handle more jobs. 

Checkmark - Better Buildings

Reduce Your Risk

Building Better means building as efficiently as possible, correctly. We reduce your chances of expensive quality issues that are prone to pop up down the road.   

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Anticipated Your Needs

We have your back for the long run. On average, our customers work with us for 10+ years. You won't have to worry about constantly follow-up on things because they will always stay on track.

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Peace of Mind

You don't have to have it all figured out. We are consistently focusing on streamlining our process while educating you on what matters most.

It's Pretty Simple

Get Started Today

While no project is exactly the same, they usually follow a similar path. Here is what you can expect to happen when working with us:

From Our Customers

The Bigger Picture

We're serious about Building Better. We understand the cost of every single setback in your operation because, frankly, we've been there. Our team includes everyone from general contractors to state-certified engineers and team players who love serving people.


We understand you have a lot to consider when investing in an engineering partner. That's why we think you should also consider a business's core values and bigger vision when making your partner decision. 

Learn More: Our Vision & Values

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