Land Engineering and Land Development

Legacy Engineering's goal is excellence in engineering and commitment to customer service. Our aim is to serve the needs of the building community. With over 20 years of experience in the Land Development Engineering field, we are confident that we will meet your needs to perfection. We have experience in nearly all aspects of the Land Development industry and are familiar with the unique needs of Land Developers.


  • Master Engineering Planning
  • Small to large size Single Family Subdivisions
  • Commercial Site Plans and Subdivisions
  • Small to Medium size Multi-Family Site Plans and Subdivisions
  • Condominium Plans
  • Pro-Forma investigations and feasibility analysis of conceptual projects
  • District - budgeting, bid document creation & organization, bid processing
  • Site Planning, and GIS/Electronic As-Built processing
  • Peer review

Requirements of an Effective Civil Engineer

We believe that the Land Development Engineer needs a wide array of skills to serve his customers. Not only is engineering knowledge essential, but the ability to communicate with both the public and private sector is critical to the success of a project. Legacy Engineering incorporates all these attributes with an appreciation for the importance of finishing a project and a passion for excellence, all firmly grounded in the bedrock of an essential understanding of the basic principles of civil engineering and computer aided design.


LEI views communication as the basic commodity of our business. The process of transforming ideas into reality, planning to construction. Successfully executing a design takes people; people who can capture ideas and shape them into neighborhoods, roads, parks, open space, wetland areas, and shopping centers. Legacy Engineering will provide you with the communication skills and design expertise necessary to the success of any project.